Do we need more

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[Verse 1]
We're shaking with the gloves on our hands,
Throwing snowball in the white world today,
Trying to catch the flakes with the tongue
We see the sunset, the colors of dawn
This is the day we're all waiting the night
Even if we feel morning in the sky
That the babies draw beard of the old gentleman
That gifts become bigger than the Christmas tree

It's a day not to miss
An opportunity
To spread love with your family
Cause it's this time of year
Jesus disappeared
To bring us together.
Do we need more?

[Verse 2]
The kids are climbing the big white trees,
Falling in snow and we're all laughing
With nose and cheeks painted red
They say "it's Christmas eve again"
The chimney throws crackles in the sky,
The sun is bidding to let us see the stars
Parents talking in the kitchen
While the kids are sitting on the floor


We're having dinner close to midnight,
Talking for hours about our lives
Then taking off the wood of the fireplace
To welcome Santa with our friends


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Tim Uriac
Tim Uriac

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