De Somuse le 22/12/2009 (10 visites depuis 7 jours)

Hey you
Join me in the web of my fears
Come and share my tears
Please open your ears
You know I've been waiting so long
And I really think I felt too strong
It seemed to be like a game
An d now I try to hide this shame
It's all my fault
And I need to scream
That I'm sorry

Evereything was in vain
I'm drowning in this pain
Let me fall like rain
I think I'm insane

Hey you
There's no reason to hope more
You've just to close the door
I want what I'm looking for
You know I've almost slipped like in oil
And you're already talk about spoil
I would like to break down the wall
Of our our unjustified control
There's no complain
But I need to shout
That I'm sorry