Something special

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(Verse 1)
The floor is flat since a little while
My dreams are ten miles away
I might never touch 'em if they're the sky
But I know I've got to try
No matter what they say
"You're not strong enough for that
All you'll find is the pain"
But they don't have to say
What my life should sing
I know what's good for me
And what isn't
Cause I had this bad feeling
Of emptiness before
It turns to a blank space
That I'm trying to fill
And my heartbreak is
Maybe a good deal

And if I tried something special
Something never done before
Something true
Something real
Something inside of my heart
An unsuccessful music
An unknown music
Telling the story of my life
That people don't want to know
Forgetting about the rhymes
And having a good time so
If I'm different I wouldn't change
Cause I wanna be something special

(Verse 2)
I'm setting stones slowly
Trying not to drop anything
Yeah I'm afraid of not succeeding
But if others did why not me
Yeah my name's not Taylor
But I wanna do more
Writing about my love
From the bottom of my heart
I'm not grammy winner
But I wanna touch people's heart
And my life for you might be nothing
Just let me tell you this little thing

(Reapeat chorus)

Let me dream about my life
Let me dream about the future of mine
I'd build a castle with my own hands
And I'll sometimes need your help
If you do, you'll be my best friends
Cause there's nothing better
Than helping one another
But please don't become what I hate
I want to share my love
To make a better world


So I thought, took a pen
Between 9:13 9:58
I was almost crying on the staircase
And I wrote this song
About hope that I hadn't
Saying myself

(Reapeat chorus)

Parolier: Tim Uriac
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Tim Uriac
Tim Uriac

Artiste : Tim Uriac
Album : Tim Uriac Demo
Date de sortie : 2019

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