A woman in love

De Karoama le 18/06/2018 (6 visites depuis 7 jours)

To your attention.

I hesitated a long time before I decided to write this letter for fear of the consequences that it would have for me and the rest ......... and above all for you
and the possible discomfort you may feel by reading through these words.
The good news (for me) is that I fell madly and directly in love with
you from my first date to your ..... and this was confirmed when I finally got
to be able to plunge my eyes in yours despite my shyness..you touched my soul it is
undeniable. I will not be able to explain it but you are the only man with whom I would like to be, the only one I want to watch.

This has never happened to me before and these days of appointment in the week are by far the best of all the others, I do not stop thinking about you, especially after seeing you but my heart is torn when I leave.
I tried to convince myself that this pain that I feel when I leave can be "romantic"
and "manageable" but if this letter landed here is that keeping these words for me and trying not to believe did not work.

I am sad to think about all this, but the feelings and the "love at first sight" that I have not stopped making fun of all my life, taking this as impossible and utopian foolish, is not ordering visibly.

If you have any idea what to do next for my care, for you, do not hesitate to tell me, because at this moment I have none ...
You seem to be someone really endearing, understanding, human and attractive, and I
I am fully convinced to tell the truth. These are all the qualities we are looking for in
someone, and you surely have flaws like everyone but I do not perceive them at all.

Best regards and sincerely.

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