Behind the Wall

De Azilis le 25/06/2013 (4 visites depuis 7 jours)

Hey, you, deep inside
You the hidden, broken one
It’s time to finally come out
And show your scars
To the world

Hey, you, dear Alter Ego
You who always keep me safe
Time to take the pain and sorrow
And put it out there
For someone to share

I’ve been living with your anger
For far too long
And I’ve been crying with you
In the dark of the night
I’ve been searching for a place
Where you could belong
But there’s no cure or relief
I can bring on my own

Hey, you, in my mind
You the lonely and damaged
It’s time to finally see the light
Come back to life
Stand your ground and fight (back)

Hey, you, it’s not fair
To make me pretend you’re not there
Make me put a smile on my face
While you’re eating me away

I’ve been living with your distress
In my veins
It’s been slowly killing me
From inside
And I’ve been protecting you
All these years
But I can’t do this anymore
Without breaking down

And I know you’re scared
As scared as I am
But if you take the first step
I’ll be right by your side

Hey, you, tortured soul
You behind this high, invisible wall
It's time to let it fall.

L'auteur :

Ecrire est comme une therapie pour moi et j'espere que mes mots poses sur le papier pourront aider ceux qui ont du mal a les exprimer, ou juste les emmener en voyage le temps d'une chanson...

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