Give nothing back

De Azilis le 07/03/2010 (7 visites depuis 7 jours)

It's like there's something broken in me
A hole that I can't fill
Cause everytime it becomes too real
I need to reconsider
Cause everytime you get closer
I got this need to run away

You were what I was looking for
But someone else has already taken everything
I can't let you go but I just close the door
Scared to death that you're gonna hurt me...

I'm not expecting anything now
Cause promises are meant to be broken
And what I love is not meant to last
So I better say that I don't care

Where were you this whole time
When I was fighting with myself
It Seems like you let me down
When I needed to be saved

But it's all over now
I've been learning from the past
Take what I can and give nothing back...

Give nothing back.

L'auteur :

Ecrire est comme une therapie pour moi et j'espere que mes mots poses sur le papier pourront aider ceux qui ont du mal a les exprimer, ou juste les emmener en voyage le temps d'une chanson...

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