Hard and harder

De Azilis le 15/08/2009 (2 visites depuis 7 jours)

It's hard to explain
Harder to understand
I feel so empty and alone
When I'm not home

The place where I feel safe
Is no longer where I'm standing
I gotta learn how to keep on believin

And I know
There's a time
For everything
For every place
But in the meantime
There's something
I can't replace

Sometimes it's wrong
Sometimes it's right
But it's missing
All the time

And sometimes it's close
Sometimes it's far
It's exactly where you are
And to tell the truth
It's you

It's hard to go on
Harder to remember
I feel so incomplete
And it's worse when I'm falling asleep

And I know
There's a time
For everything
For everyone
But in the meantime
There's something
That's dying inside

And don't ask me why
Cause sometimes it's right
But it's usually wrong
And it's missing
All along
And sometimes it's close
But still out of my reach
It's exactly underneath
Underneath my skin
In my veins
And it's all that remains
Of me.

It's hard to forget
Harder to forgive
And I'm afraid this life
Is all I can give

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Ecrire est comme une therapie pour moi et j'espere que mes mots poses sur le papier pourront aider ceux qui ont du mal a les exprimer, ou juste les emmener en voyage le temps d'une chanson...

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