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At first get dressed
Very smart and class,
For you, I'll do it.

High heels, lace, satin
In your fatal team,
I want to be in.

I will invent them,
Your gadgets high tech,
Your life to protect.
Let’s me learn to play
Baccara and poker,
To get money.

Hey just do it
It’s the price to pay,
Never say never again
I did it in pain
To be a good James Bond girl.

Champagne and bourbon Vodka martini,
I have some at home
Who are you James ?

A human hero, Are you the same ?
This new air makes you
So anxious and dark, And so realist. Yes sir !
Through your movies
I got your character,
Never surrender…

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Auteure : Céreyna
texte en anglais en hommage aux James Bond girls

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