New family

De Vins le 21/08/2023 (7 visites depuis 7 jours)

In a world so cold, a child left behind,
Abandoned and lost, searching for a sign.
With no one to hold, no place to call home,
A heart filled with longing, feeling so alone.

But through the darkness, a light did appear,
A family so loving, wiping away every tear.
They took me in, embraced me with care,
But deep in my heart, a longing still there.

Years went by, love filled my days,
A new family, guiding me through life's maze.
But as I grew older, questions arose,
About the family I lost, the one I don't know.

With every passing day, the desire grew strong,
To find my roots, where I truly belong.
But gratitude remains, for the love I've received,
From the family who chose me, and never deceived.

Now I stand at the crossroads, turning eighteen,
A journey awaits, to find what's unseen.
With love in my heart, and hope in my eyes,
I'll search for my past, under the open skies.

For the family who raised me, I'll forever be grateful,
But a part of me yearns, to know where I'm from, to be truthful.
In this quest for answers, I'll never forget,
The love that surrounds me, the family I've met.

So I'll walk this path, with courage and grace,
In search of my story, my own special place.
For in the end, it's the love that we share,
That makes a family, no matter how rare.

L'auteur :

Bonjour, je m’appelle Vincent

Je suis de Nouvelle-Calédonie mais je suis arrivé il y’a un an de ça en février 2022 sur Angers en France.

J’écris la plupart du temps des chansons d’amour ou triste et j’espère un jour avoir quelqu’un qui pourra chanter mes chansons et je l’attend désespérément car je ne joue pas d’instrument , j’écris juste les paroles et c’est mon plus grand rêve et le métier que je veux vraiment faire depuis tout petit.

N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un message si vous êtes intéressé.

I also speak english :

Hello, my name is Vincent

I am from New Caledonia but I arrived a year ago in February 2022 in Angers in France.

I write mostly love or sad songs and I hope one day to have someone who can sing my songs and I'm desperately waiting for it because I don't play an instrument, I just write the lyrics and it's my biggest dream and the job I really wanted to do since I was little.

Feel free to send me a message if you are interested.

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