No angel

De sabynne le 23/04/2010 (8 visites depuis 7 jours)

Is everything said ?
Do you feel better now ?
Our souls are disconnected
I'm leaving my paradise
I can hardly remember your voice
That's when I know distance has a meaning
You are free but are you happy ?
Did you really leave it all behind ?

CHORUS: When it's time to close the door
Don't throw the key away
If your mind isn't definitively made up
I'm no angel, I'm no angel
But I'm a fool to wait for you
I'm no angel, I'm no angel
I'm a fool

I keep my mouth shut
Staring at this beautiful disaster
I cannot spread my wings
I'm feelin' so low
Can you imagine ?
Something's broken I know
But if there's a chance for me
To be the one you need
Just let time decide for us


L'auteur :

coucou, je souhaiterais faire partager ma passion pour l'écriture, notamment pour les chansons. J'écris bien sûr en français mais j'ai également choisi de faire découvrir mes textes en anglais...

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