Nothing left

De Azilis le 26/01/2010 (4 visites depuis 7 jours)

There's nothing left to do
But so much to say
I thought I would go through
My lies and my mistakes

There's nothing about me
You seem to remember
It's not even a story
So why would you care

But I do
I do think about it
Cry about it
Lie about it
When I say
It's all over
Cause it's not

There's no more role to play
But still so much to hide
All these things that I never said
Are striking me right now

And there's nothing about you
Giving me some hope
But whatever you don't do
I just won't stop

Being in love with you
Cause I do
I do think about you
Cry about you
Lie about you
When I say
It's all over
Cause it's not
No it's not...

And there's nothing about us
Not even a picture
Except the one in my head
That I keep secure

Away from the pain
Filling this hole you left behind
And if this is vain
I guess I just don't wanna realize

Cause if I do
Yeah what if I do...

L'auteur :

Ecrire est comme une therapie pour moi et j'espere que mes mots poses sur le papier pourront aider ceux qui ont du mal a les exprimer, ou juste les emmener en voyage le temps d'une chanson...

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