The Memories of School

De Thomas Carrasqueira le 30/01/2014 (3 visites depuis 7 jours)

I Remember My First Year
It's True That The First Day Was Not Easy
I Still Remember
And The First Year, As

I Remember My Second Year
(i Remember My Second Year)
It Was A Little Better
We Had A Nice Teacher
(we Had A Nice Teacher)
And You Came Into My Life

The Memories Of School
The Classroom
The School Playground
These Are The Memories Of School

I Remember My 3rd Year
(i Remember My 3rd Year)
We Discussed In The Playground
Then We Fell In Love
(and This Is What Happened)
You And Me, One For The Other


I Remember My Last Year
(i Remember My Last Year
We Were More In The Same Class
But We Could Still See
(in The School Playground)
You And Me Together For The Year