The seasons

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In the warmth of the sun, the summer arrives,
Golden rays painting the world alive.
The days are longer, the nights are sweet,
A season of joy, where memories meet.

Summer's embrace, a time to unwind,
Under the sun, our worries left behind.
From sandy beaches to starry nights,
Summer's magic fills our hearts with delight.

As the snowflakes fall, winter takes its hold,
A blanket of white, a story yet untold.
The air is crisp, the fire burns bright,
A season of coziness, in the cold winter night.

Winter's embrace, a time to reflect,
In the quiet moments, our souls connect.
From snowball fights to warm hot cocoa,
Winter's beauty, a wonder to behold.

As flowers bloom, spring awakens the land,
Nature's canvas painted by a gentle hand.
The world comes alive, with colors so bright,
A season of rebirth, a renewed delight.

Spring's embrace, a time to renew,
As nature awakens, so do we too.
From April showers to blossoming trees,
Spring's energy fills us with hope and ease.

Leaves of gold and red, autumn's arrival,
A season of change, a time of survival.
The air turns crisp, as summer takes its leave,
A season of reflection, as the trees shed their leaves.

Autumn's embrace, a time to let go,
As nature transforms, we learn and grow.
From pumpkin spice to harvest's delight,
Autumn's beauty, a comforting sight.

Through the seasons, life's cycles unfold,
Each one unique, a story to be told.
From summer's heat to winter's chill,
Each season brings its own thrill.

The seasons embrace us, in their own way,
Guiding us through life, day by day.
From summer to winter, spring to fall,
Each season a reminder, to cherish it all.

So let's dance with the seasons, hand in hand,
Embracing the changes, across the land.
For in the rhythm of nature's grand design,
We find beauty and wonder, in every season's time.

L'auteur :

Bonjour, je m’appelle Vincent

Je suis de Nouvelle-Calédonie mais je suis arrivé il y’a un an de ça en février 2022 sur Angers en France.

J’écris la plupart du temps des chansons d’amour ou triste et j’espère un jour avoir quelqu’un qui pourra chanter mes chansons et je l’attend désespérément car je ne joue pas d’instrument , j’écris juste les paroles et c’est mon plus grand rêve et le métier que je veux vraiment faire depuis tout petit.

N’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un message si vous êtes intéressé.

I also speak english :

Hello, my name is Vincent

I am from New Caledonia but I arrived a year ago in February 2022 in Angers in France.

I write mostly love or sad songs and I hope one day to have someone who can sing my songs and I'm desperately waiting for it because I don't play an instrument, I just write the lyrics and it's my biggest dream and the job I really wanted to do since I was little.

Feel free to send me a message if you are interested.

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