De Azilis le 16/01/2010 (9 visites depuis 7 jours)

It's me at two in the morning
Wondering what I've done wrong
It's your words I try to erase
It's you keeping arguing
Keeping telling me
That I should have been gone for long

I try to fix your mistakes
To give you excuses
But in the End it's all the same

You're undefendable
You take the light in me and make it dark
You say that I'm not enough smart
To face this life
And maybe you're right

It's me thousand miles away
Still trying to make you proud of me
It's your dreams I try to achieve
It's you keeping on yelling
Keeping repeting
That I should be gone for good

I try to lock up my mind
To search for the reasons
But as hard as I try
This won't turn out right

You're undefendable
You take the best in me and make it wrong
You say that I'm not enough strong
To face this life
But How could I
How could I

When you hadn't given me a stand
From the beginning to the End

How could I
Cause maybe you're right

L'auteur :

Ecrire est comme une therapie pour moi et j'espere que mes mots poses sur le papier pourront aider ceux qui ont du mal a les exprimer, ou juste les emmener en voyage le temps d'une chanson...

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