Your love

De Vrollat le 20/12/2022 (2 visites depuis 7 jours)

No one will love you like i love you
No one can feel what I feel for you
Because you fixed my heart and I see nothing but through you
You are the perfect man that I always dreamed of
And you make me the man I always dreamed of

Everytime I touch you , you make me feel different
Whereas before for the feelings I was indifferent
Then you kiss me and I no longer see anyone around me
Cause I just want to revolve around you

With you I see a new world
I can’t describe it in a few words
I want to love you in all the universes
You can even break all the curses
Cause all I need is your love

With you I am the best version of myself
I don’t need to change myself
I want to end my life in your arms
You can play your charms
Cause all I need is your love

Your heart makes my heart beat
I’m crazy you are sweet
Your eyes dive into mine
Your body is mine
And that’s when I know you’re mine

And I didn’t know this love existed
And to love as it existed
I’m ready for anything for you
You are my everything
Cause all I need is your love

And your love is a dance
I try my chance