In My Court

De Joram Kalas le 15/07/2020 (6 visites depuis 7 jours)

My family in my court
No, life's too short

I came way, today
To give us a fresh start
You're now like wow
He warm in my heart

Thanks and welcome to real me
You have no idea to greels to be free

We've fallin'out to long
So let's forget to right
And let's forget to wrong
Why don't stay?
There room place for family in my court

Cause life's too short
To feel shut and unloved by the sister to love I long to know
Life's too short
To never let you who I am, the true queen of the ice and snow
Woh woh woh

I never undesrtood but now I do
Life's too short
To miss out on a sister like you

So you'll come back then
To thaw the fjord, is frozen, no one can on or out?
What? I don't believe you!
I just assumed to that you have to...

That I'll shove on the gloves, that's how your story ends?
It does, we will be best friends
So that in your plan to force me to back in a cage
Woh, woh!
Don't upset get let's get to same page

L'auteur :
Joram Kalas
Joram Kalas

Je suis une jeune femme née le 5 janvier 1999. Très passionnée de l'art de chanter et de l'art poétique. Je reviens en jour de joie !!